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Grief can be an especially complex and difficult process. During the summer months, we offer workshops on a variety of grief-related topics for adults and children. HVWA regularly offers peer led support groups facilitated by trained volunteers that offer safe space for dealing with all kinds of loss.  Our support group programs include both Adult and Child/Youth groups. 

Adult Support Groups

Adult groups rotate regularly throughout the year during the evenings and daytime hours and typically run for 6-8 weeks. We currently offer support for the following:


  • Loss of a Child

  • Partner Loss

  • Survivors of Suicide

  • Loss of a Parent

  • General Loss

  • Hope Through the Holidays (for grief during November and December)

For further information on what groups are currently being offered,

Contact Kayla Coffin at 873-3615 ext. 19 or at


Children/Youth Support Groups
Children/Youth support takes place through our Hope’s Place program, which is geared toward children and youth aged 3 to 18.


Check out the Hope’s Place tab and Camp Ray of Hope tab for more.


For further information about Hope's Place,

You can also contact Jillian Roy at 873-3615 ext. 11


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